Bill & Deb Jordan

Since we came to Pensthorpe in 2003 we have used its unique setting and diverse habitats to communicate the joys of the natural world to our visitors.

Bringing nature to life and allowing people to get hands-on is key to families falling in love with the environment and, like us, feeling passionate enough to protect it.

But how do we use the next 15 years to continue to inspire and entertain our visitors?

We want the next generation to enjoy nature, be outdoors and dare to be screen-free.

As we all know it is up to us to inspire our children and provide an alternative to the all-consuming interest in technology.  By getting families back to basics and allowing them the freedom to connect intuitively with nature and the outdoors, listening to bird song, exploring the reserve and allowing geese to nibble at their fingertips are rare moments they will never forget.

We already work closely with some of our neighbours in the Wensum Valley and we hope that over the next decade we can increase biodiversity and help to support wildlife living in this part of the world. Nature responds well to scale so by working with the farms and spaces in the area we can create bigger expanses of habitat for wildlife.

Our arable farm areas already include over 10% of maintained wildlife habitats and our lowland grazing meadows are managed by native breed cattle and sheep. We believe that quality food can be grown in a wildlife-friendly and sustainable way, a belief that’s stuck since our days setting up Jordans Cereals.

Spending time outdoors is not only linked to health and wellbeing benefits, but it teaches us new skills, challenges us and breeds happiness. Scaling outdoor play areas, following a nature trail, taking in the gardens and exploring our 700 acres are just small ways in which people can exercise their minds and bodies. We want to better understand the link between nature and physical health, and we make it our mission to continue to develop the reserve with this in mind.

Our role is to keep evolving, to inspire the next generation and to pass on the things we’ve learnt and been captivated by since we encountered Pensthorpe for the first time.

And as we reach this milestone we want to say an enormous thank-you to our visitors, supporters and most especially to our staff who are each as passionate about nature as we are.

So thanks to the nature lovers, the puddle splashers, the bird-spotters, the trail-goers, the green-fingered garden lovers, the woodland wanderers and the outdoor-adventurers. You remind us every day why we love promoting the Wensum Valley and this very special corner of Norfolk.

Warm regards,

Bill and Deb Jordan, owners

Pensthorpe Natural Park owners Bill and Deb Jordan in the new Wetland Discovery Area that opened to the public 19/07/2018. Photo : Steve Adams