Actively Saving Species


The Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT) is actively involved in a number of species conservation projects. 

"Here at Pensthorpe we aim to restore the Countryside back to ecological working order - our ongoing commitment to actively saving species forms a key element of this." Professor David Bellamy OBE Chairman of Pensthorpe Conservation Trust


The Trust's current projects include working with the East Anglian Red Squirrel Group, a Corncrake reintroduction project, Operation Turtle Dove and The Great Crane Project.

More information on these conservation projects and the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust can be found on the Trust’s website:


Conservation projects

The Great Crane Project is a partnership between the PCT, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, the RSPB and Viridor Credits Environment Company which aims to re-establish a sustainable population of 100 cranes on the Somerset Levels & Moors.

• The PCT works closely with the East Anglia Red Squirrel Breeding Programme as part of a coordinated effort to reinforce the population of Red Squirrels on Anglesey, as well as researching the captive breeding requirements for other potential restoration projects.

• The PCT has a key role alongside the Zoological Society of London in breeding corncrakes for the RSPB Nene Washes project.  The project is designed to restore corncrakes as a breeding species again in England after an absence of over 50 years. 

Operation Turtle Dove is a partnership between the PCT, RSPB, Conservation Grade farming and Natural England aimed at arresting its catastrophic decline as a breeding species in England.