The importance of managing farmland for wildlife is one of the most important steps in nature conservation in the UK.

The farm at Pensthorpe covers nearly 300 acres but blends almost seamlessly with the natural landscape. Wildlife friendly farming ensures that 10 percent of the productive area of the farm are actively managed for wildlife, creating rich habitats including wildflower strips and bird food crops. Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT) works closely with organisations such as Fair to Nature looking at the issues facing farmland birds including corncrakes and turtle doves.

As well as the fields of oats and barley, less productive fields have been converted to wildflower meadows, either traditionally grazed by Longhorn cattle and Norfolk Horn sheep or for hay-making. The cattle and sheep make the move in the summer from the drier high meadows down to graze on the rich water meadows. Creating and conserving wildlife friendly farmland habitats is possible in a profitable farm and by doing so we are actively saving farmland species.