A great day out for garden lovers

Home to three of the most spectacular gardens in Norfolk, as well as a stunning meadow and the most beautiful of lakeside environments, Pensthorpe Natural Park provides year-round colour and interest. Whether you choose to enjoy the nature of the Wildlife Habitat Garden or relax in the innovative Wave Line Garden, these beautiful Norfolk wildlife gardens offer a myriad of unparalleled delights. Absorb the structural beauty of the acclaimed Millennium Garden, or take a relaxing stroll through the Norfolk countryside with the tranquil Wildflower Meadow. Explore these Norfolk walks, and discover the inspiring sculptures and stunning landscapes, as they develop through the seasons, achieved with varying levels of horticultural management, in wildlife-rich gardens created by award-winning designers.


Plant of the month: Hellebore - Winter Rose's

Belonging to the Buttercup family, these small clump forming plants are one of the first flowering plants of the New Year. They grow well in woodland, grassy and rocky habitats.