Conservation Centre

The Pensthorpe Conservation Centre is our ‘hub’ where we bring together our extensive expertise in husbandry and conservation in Norfolk practices. It is here that we care for some of our captive-bred species and incorporates a cranery, large open-planned enclosures and a bio-secure area for our corncrakes.

The Trust works predominantly with wetland and farmland species with a focus on cranes, turtle doves, corncrakes and several species of waders. Many species that the Trust works with are globally endangered such as Baer’s Pochard, Grey-crowned Crane, Laysan Teal, Red-breasted Goose, Scaly-sided Merganser and Northern Bald Ibis. Other species are losing their natural habitat at an unsustainable rate, particularly wetland habitats, showcasing both the endangered species and their associated habitat is a vital part of the work that the Trust undertakes.

Developing the link between habitat and species will be incorporated in exciting plans for the future of the Pensthorpe Conservation Centre.