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17 kittens in 2017

13 Oct 2017

There have been 17 red squirrel kittens bred this year within the East Anglian Red Squirrel Group which is coordinated by Pensthorpe Conservation Trust. Every year the kittens are named with a different letter of the alphabet (so we can identify their age in the future), this year the letter is “G”. The names always have to have a link to nature and this year we asked our visitors to help name them. The names we have decided on are: Gale, Gypsy, Glow, Goldie, Galaxy, Ginger, Glen, Glade, Gorse, Ginkgo, Gaia, Geranium, Gourd, Gooseberry, Gem, Gin and Gusty (as named by the Junior Board).

Some of these kittens remain within the breeding program in order to assure a large genetic pool for the future and others will be released across the UK into the wild and monitored for conservation.

We are looking to help prevent the decline of the Red Squirrel population which was 3.5 million at its highest to only 120,000 (approx). The population has seen a massive dip since the introduction of the Grey Squirrel which carries the parapox virus (which is fatal to the smaller, reds.)

You can find out more about the Red Squirrel breeding program here.