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10 Jul 2019

It’s our birthday!

11 July 2019, is our 31st birthday and to celebrate we’ve put together 31 facts about Pensthorpe Natural Park.

4 Jul 2019

It’s Been a Hoot!

Read our Hootz House facts as we celebrate its 4th birthday.

17 Jun 2019

Fun Flamingo Facts

Flamingos are majestic and iconic birds, known for their long stilt-like legs, long s-shaped neck and beautiful pink feathers.

14 Jun 2019

Nature Photography Day

Julia Rafferty explores "Nature Photography Day" and why she has one of the best jobs in the country.

21 May 2019

Red-crowned crane: An endangered species

The majestic red-crowned crane has been categorised as endangered on IUCN’s red-list since 2000...

26 Apr 2019

National Gardening Week

Discover more about edible plants and celebrate National Gardening Week

25 Apr 2019

Interview with Mike Dilger Part 2

We caught up with Mike Dilger for a chat ahead of his visit to Pensthorpe…

19 Apr 2019

Bat Management at Pensthorpe

Our Reserve Manager Richard looks at how we manage the native species of bat that call Pensthorpe home...

9 Apr 2019

Unwrapping eggs for Easter

For me Easter is about emerging butterflies and other insects, returning migrant birds and new life; be it plant or animal...

5 Apr 2019

Interview with Mike Dilger Part 1

We caught up with Mike Dilger for a chat ahead of his visit to Pensthorpe…

2 Apr 2019

Photography Spring round up

A spring summary of the various courses that Julia Rafferty runs at Pensthorpe.

19 Mar 2019

Spring in the gardens

Our Head Gardener Jonathan discusses what springtime entails at Pensthorpe...

14 Mar 2019

Nature for health & wellbeing

Pensthorpe is a unique and spiritual site and we regularly hear that our visitors felt a connection to something very special and left feeling invigorated and healed in some special way.

6 Mar 2019

“Next Steps” photography course – Macro

Julia Rafferty's group explore the theme of Macro

26 Feb 2019

Pensthorpe Portfolio Development

We are proud to announce, that Michael I’Anson’s panel: ‘Ready, Prep, Grow!’, was awarded 2nd place in the Portfolio section of Competition 12 of the ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year’.

22 Feb 2019

Learning to care

Will the news that the first mammal extinction resulting from climate change has occurred on Bramble Cay, a small island near Papua New Guinea, be a wake-up call for more people to take notice of the plight of our natural world?

1 Feb 2019

World Wetlands Day

Wetlands provide both water and food to us all and help to control flooding and tidal surges yet we still fail to truly appreciate them.

21 Jan 2019

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Everyone loves a red squirrel, adored by people across the country with their russet red furry coat, large ear tufts and twitching tail. 

16 Jan 2019

Pledge for Norfolk’s wetlands

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust are pleased to announce that Norfolk Wildlife Trust has been named as the charity beneficiary of the Norfolk Bird & Wildlife Fair.

6 Dec 2018

New Photography Exhibition

A new exhibition by the Portfolio Development Groups and will run until Spring 2019.

17 Nov 2018

Top winter activities with children

Stuck for things to do outside this winter? Look no further than our top 10 ways to engage with children outdoors!

12 Nov 2018

Photographer profile – Bernadette McCarthy

Julia Rafferty runs regular photography courses at workshops here at Pensthorpe. This is the 2nd in the series of Julia's blogs, which spotlight on each of her students.

30 Oct 2018

Photographer profile – Emma Walton

Julia Rafferty finds out more about her students interests and aspirations in the field of photography

18 Oct 2018

Nikki Harley: Corncrake Intern

Nikki Harley, Corncrake Intern 2018 speaks about her time spent at Pensthorpe

9 Oct 2018

Allan Archer: Volunteer

Find out about Allan's passion for inspiring the next generation to love nature.

2 Oct 2018

Winners Workshop Afternoon

Andy Ward spent an afternoon inspiring and teaching students for a winners' workshop.

25 Sep 2018

Winners Workshop Morning

Julia Rafferty spent a morning inspiring and teaching students for a winners' workshop.

27 Jul 2018

Wetland Discovery Area is open!

Our new area has been open a week and is already proving popular.

11 Jul 2018

We’re turning 30!

Today is our 30th birthday!

19 Jun 2018

“Further Steps” photography course – Macro

Julia Rafferty and her students explore macro art

11 Jun 2018

“Getting Started” Weeks 7 & 8 Photography Workshop

Julia Rafferty's group explore the theme of Monochrome

16 May 2018

Wild about the Wensum 2018

Let us know what you thought about our 12th annual Wild about the Wensum event!

4 May 2018

Wetland Discovery Area: Progress

Further progress for our new Wetland Discovery Area!

23 Apr 2018

“Getting Started” Weeks 5 & 6 Photography Workshop

Julia Rafferty's photography group explore macro photography as a theme.

18 Apr 2018

‘Further Steps’ photography course

Julia Rafferty and her students explore portraits

5 Apr 2018

New bird hide opens!

Areas of the Wensum Valley, which have never been accessible to our visitors, will now be on display thanks to the opening of our new wetland bird hide!

20 Mar 2018

Fakenham Academy Artists

Fakenham Academy have truly embraced the Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow art competition!

9 Mar 2018

“Getting Started” Weeks 3 & 4 Photography Workshop

Julia Rafferty's "Get started" photography group explore Shutter Speed

27 Feb 2018

‘Further steps’ photography course

Julia Rafferty's students explore the theme of "Multiple Viewpoints"

21 Feb 2018

Wetland Discovery Area: Progress

NEW Wetland Discovery Area progress