Springwatch at Pensthorpe


For three exciting years, Pensthorpe played host to the hugely popular BBC Springwatch series and had a fabulous time doing so. The Reserve showed it was able to offer more than just birds and the characters emerging from trees, reeds, lakes and meadows made for compulsive viewing with many Springwatch ‘firsts’ added to the list. From the breeding Avocets to witnessing how gentle Sparrowhawks can be as they turn their eggs and delicately feed their young, Springwatch at Pensthorpe made for fascinating viewing.

The natural world of the birds and animals here at Pensthorpe, which we were privileged to see on our screens each evening, was truly remarkable. As you well know, nature doesn’t stop rolling the minute the cameras do! The seasons slip round; the visitors (both feathered and human) come and go-passing through to rest and feed or just take in the tranquillity. The landscapes adapt and evolve; the leaves dramatically change colour, dropping to the forest floor but there is always so much to see and do here at Pensthorpe.