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November 2019 – Aviculture

5 Dec 2019

Our Head of Species Manager, Chrissie, reflects on November 

Despite the recent frosts, our two month old flamingo chick is still growing well. However, as the chick is now too big to be easily kept warm by its parents, it needs a bit of extra support. Therefore, plans are afoot to create a separate enclosure with heating for the chick, its parents and one of our older flamingos to stay away from the extremely cold weather. We will be keeping an especially close eye on them all over winter but for now, it means that the flamingo chick isn’t in public view. Please bear this in mind if you’re planning a visit to see the flamingos.  

Our work as part of the East Anglian Red Squirrel Group continues to flourish and we are excited to have recently welcomed a five month old red squirrel kitten from Wildwood in Kent. We have named her Iris and she joins Hock, our one year old male.

For many of our birds, particularly waders (big and small), sand is a vital part of their habitats. The type of sand that they have access to is important to support the health of their feet. Towards the end of November we took delivery of 20 tonnes of Rhino Sand, a very fine sand which is excellent for drainage and is low compacting for the birds. It will ensure that their habitat is as enriching and beneficial as possible.