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22 May 2020

Exciting new hatches

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This week has been exciting with new hatches of flamingo, Eurasian cranes, and the first corncrake chicks, all being reared by their parents with very different rearing strategies, which Chrissie explains. 

5 Mar 2020

February 2020 – Aviculture

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In this look back on February Chrissie discusses our five-month old Greater Flamingo chick, Hawaiian geese and development work carried out.

9 Sep 2019

First ever flamingo eggs at Pensthorpe

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We are tickled pink at the arrival of the first flamingo eggs here at Pensthorpe – the first in the 15 years since we have had Greater Flamingo here.

17 Jun 2019

Fun Flamingo Facts

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Flamingos are majestic and iconic birds, known for their long stilt-like legs, long s-shaped neck and beautiful pink feathers.