Junior Board

Meet our board of nature enthusiasts!


We recruited 12 young nature enthusiasts to join our Junior Board and offer their opinions and knowledge to our team, to help influence future developments around Pensthorpe. The team will meet with us 4 times a year and will be working on various projects that will hopefully enhance the natural and family-friendly visitor experience.

The meetings offer our members the chance to come up with event ideas, discuss their favourite things about nature, and ways to encourage more families to spend time outdoors. They agreed that the more people got to understand the natural world, the more likely they would be to protect it.

As part of their Board status, they received family membership to Pensthorpe so they can have many more ideas over the school holidays!

Deb Jordan, owner of Pensthorpe Natural Park, comments: “It’s a delight to see so many passionate and enthusiastic young nature-lovers get together to share ideas and talk about ways to protect the environment.

“At this age these inspiring young people are already making positive changes in their local communities. Encouraging others to see the merits of the natural world is high on their agenda, as is the desire to get more children outside to explore what nature has to offer. We share these values with the group and are excited to see where our future brainstorming sessions will take us!”


Meet the team:















The group will next meet in January 2020.