Yoga Day Retreat

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27 Apr 2019

Yoga with Ian

In this workshop we will use Yoga, meditation and Sound to help create space to delve into the meaning of non-attachment. Understanding and tuning into our Authentic self and our essence is a key component to help bring more joy and resilience into our lives. As we create space for our authentic self we also increase our level of self awareness, this process can provide key insights and observations about ourselves that can create a road map for change. Increasing the level of joy and happiness in our lives means that all those that come into contact with you get the best version of who you are.

The Workshop will include an active yoga session in the morning, lunch break in the beautiful setting of Pensthopre Natural Park. After lunch there will a relaxing Yoga nidra followed by a meditation practice and a gentle mat based yoga practice. We will take some time to discuss how we self sabotage and what steps can be taken to step forwards and not backwards.

The session will be closed with a relaxing sound bath. Lunch, you are welcome to bring your own refreshments or you can purchase from the cafe onsite. 


Cost £55

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