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Exploring Abstract Ideas Through Photography

12 Aug 2019

Julia Rafferty’s photography group exhibition


From Tuesday 30th July 2019 to autumn 2019, an exhibition of exciting new photography, will be displayed in the Exhibition Room at Pensthorpe Natural Park.

The exhibition is open daily, and entry is free.


This group of talented photographers have worked with tutor, Julia Rafferty, throughout the year, to explore a range of ideas and techniques; both in-camera and through the editing process, which have resulted in highly personal and creative images inspired by modern artists and art movements.


Colin Bray’s panel shares his vibrant, multi-layered images of flowers, plant details and close-ups of foliage, as well as an Intentional Camera Movement image. These textural photos explore Colin’s love of the natural world and the wonderful colour palettes which can be found here. James Brown has created a minimalist panel, which would work equally well as a group and as single images. On close inspection, the magnified details of a leaf can be seen, and clever use of aperture have created dramatic shallow depth of field. Susi Hancock’s work exudes fun, and the joy that she has had in creating these images is evident in the work. The techniques are many and varied and show careful manipulation of Layers in the editing process as well as at the stage of image capture.


Michael I’Anson has called his panel, ‘Abstract Reality’ and he has titled an image, ‘Cacophony of Colour’, which sets the scene for these images. His work is a delight and explores textures, details, colours, layers and cause one to question what the starting point might have been. Robin Myerscough created a stir with the group when he first shared these images. We were intrigued and amazed by this work and we weren’t quite sure how he had created them. They are serene and beautiful.  Rhonda Pike’s piece, ‘Fern Matrix’ shows intricate details and involved a lengthy editing process to create this highly patterned, lace-like piece. The work has been printed directly onto aluminium for a contemporary feel. And finally, Julia Read’s work, which is full of movement and subtlety and soft lush colours. At times we see textural elements and then leaf forms and then the wonderful shapes of flamingos. Pensthorpe has proved to be a venue full of inspiration for these photographers and we hope that this work will inspire you to create your own abstract photos.