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“Getting Started” Weeks 1 & 2 photography workshop

15 Feb 2018

At Pensthorpe, we now have both a ‘Get started’ and a ‘Further Steps’ photographic portfolio course running. This is the first blog from the ‘Get Started’ group and for the first session of the spring term, the group were exploring the manipulation of depth of field (DOF).  We were working with the aperture to manipulate depth of field and using Aperture Priority as our Exposure Mode. A wide aperture or say, f/4 will result in shallow DOF; where only a small part of the scene is sharp whereas, a narrow aperture or say, f/22 will result in sharpness throughout the shot. There are also slightly complicated tables that you can use to work out the perfect point at which to focus to gain sharpness throughout – this is called: Hyperfocal Focusing. We set the camera to take best quality JPEG files & RAW, as in our editing session, we have been working with a RAW file to get the most out of our photos.

We used Playback to review the photos and look at the Histogram & check sharpness. As it was a bitterly cold day, we only lasted a bit over an hour outside, but then ventured into the shop and had a wonderful session photographing to gorgeous displays and enjoying the festive atmosphere.


Bernadette McCarthy

Grasses in the light

Here is my photo of a close-up photograph which was taken on Wednesday 17th January. The camera was a Canon EOS 760D with standard Canon 50mm F1.8 lens, ISO 100, 1/4000 and in Raw. Ten minutes later I switched to a macro lens, but explored different subjects.

Sue Ball

Camper Vans

A few words on my camper van photo:  I took this photo whilst practising with aperture priority.  I used an aperture of 5.6 to create a shallow depth of field to ensure the camper vans as the main subject were in focus, but that the background beyond them was in very soft focus so as not to distract.  By making my focus point the vans in the centre of the image, the van to the right of the image, although the nearest object to me, is in a slightly softer focus too.  As I was taking the image inside the shop in artificial light I increased the ISO to 2500 to compensate.


Jude Todd
Storm in an egg cup!

When taking this photograph, I was trying to achieve shallow depth of field. It’s one of my favourite photographs as I love the way the eyes on all the egg cups stand out. Well done staff in the Pensthorpe gift shop for such beautiful displays. 


Douglas Winward

Single Teasel

I was trying to capture the teasel heads nice symmetrical construction and the rich brown autumnal colours. I was placing this against a slightly out of focus background.