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Hopping mad for hares!

31 Jan 2018



We are the main sponsors for an exciting project taking place in Norwich this summer run by the GoGoCreate team, all to do with the beautiful native hare. Break charity are engaging with youth groups around Norwich and getting them to design their own leveret (baby hare). They have 150 youth groups, schools, scouting, guiding and sports clubs signed up to become involved and we are bounding with expectation for what they will come up with! The leverets will be placed around the city from 2nd July – 2nd September, in a wide range of locations. You can find out more about this brilliant project with GoGoCreate here.

We have also been given our own leveret to design and the fantastic Andy Ward is very kindly illustrating it for us! 

Andy received the sculpture at the beginning of January and we visited him in his studio to see how he was getting on. 

He has painted the leveret with a base layer of acrylic paint and is now using Posca pens for the detail. 

To get the layout placement correct he showed us how he projects the design onto the sculpture with a projector, and ensure the finer detail remains crisp and sharp he is cutting out templates of natural objects to trace around. 


We don’t want to give away too much at this stage but stay tuned to see progress updates!