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International Day of Happiness 2021

20 Mar 2021

When we truly connect with nature we feel at home

It would be fair to say that since the end of March 2020 that tantalising word “happiness” has very sadly not been used as regularly in our homes, as it was prior to our being enveloped in a devastating worldwide pandemic. We cannot possibly know how difficult the challenge of COVID19 has been for many people, so today on International Happiness Day, our thoughts and hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones and who are struggling to know how “happiness” can possibly relate to them today.

For many of us who work at Pensthorpe, and our Members who visit regularly, we feel blessed to be surrounded by nature and wildlife and I would particularly like to share with you this image, which not only makes me feel calm and reassured during difficult times, but also entices us to venture out into the woods to connect with nature.  It is true what Mary Davis says – A walk in Nature walks the Soul back home. 



When we truly connect with nature we feel at home. We feel secure, we feel protected, and we feel a freedom from the fears and unhappiness of the last years impact on us. That unhappiness melts away in the precious moments of being out in nature. We feel a connection with everything around us. We are immersed in the present moment and are as one with all living things.  For a while we are free of all our worries, and slowly but reassuringly, as we watch we realise that such beauty and grace is making us smile and suddenly there is a wonderful anticipation and transient feeling of happiness.