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Join our WILD Tribe this summer

25 Jul 2019



Bring your own wild tribe this summer to our NEW Nature’s WILD Tribe event, which starts today and runs throughout the summer holidays.


To celebrate the six weeks the event is running (well five and a half!), here are six ways to go wild at Pensthorpe this summer…

  1. Get messy with mud – our new mud kitchen is the latest addition to WildRootz and was built onsite by the Pensthorpe team. It features four bowls, spoons and whisks, an all-important tap and a stash of soil nearby to make some mud. Get dirty and make some mud pies! It is big enough to have four children enjoying messy play at the same time
  2. Go barefoot – our new sensory barefoot walk has a series of different natural materials to feel between your toes. Take off your shoes and socks, and see how each different texture feels under your feet as you step from one to the other
  3. Build a den – unleash your inner Bear Grylls and collect some sticks and materials to build a den as a family. Your imagination can take you to the depths of the jungle!
  4. Leapfrog over tree stumps – there are different sized tree stumps for you to play leapfrog over so all the family can try it out. It’s a great way for siblings to enjoy some healthy competition, but why not also challenge grandad to have a go too?
  5. WildRootz – Featuring tunnels, slides, zip wires, dens, swings, ladders and a stream to splash through with your shoes and socks off. Where better to go wild than in WildRootz!
  6. Go hunting for nature – track, hunt and follow nature around Pensthorpe, seeking out the wonders of the natural world and finding some of the creatures that call Pensthorpe home. Go deep in the woods to spot deer and owls, go pond dipping to see what insects lurk below the watery depths, spot insects like dragonflies and butterflies around the reserve and get up close to feed the friendly and hungry ducks. Plus, visit the red squirrels, cranes and flamingos.

And, if that’s not enough, play ‘giant’ noughts and crosses, have a game of pooh sticks, discover what is hiding in the maze, create your own bird songs on wooden chimes and spot bugs, play indoors at the award-winning Hootz House and have a go at self-led trails around the reserve. There will also be lots of opportunities for young nature enthusiasts to learn about the natural world.

Nature’s WILD Tribe runs between 25 July and 3 September 2019 and is included in the standard admission price.

To book tickets click here.