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Interview with Mike Dilger Part 2

25 Apr 2019

Nature and wildlife expert Mike Dilger is making a guest appearance at the Pensthorpe Bird and Wildlife Fair on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2019.

The One Show wildlife reporter first became a household name on Britain’s Wild Invaders in 2000 and TV work has included Nature’s Top 40, Wild Gardens, The Nature of Britain and Nature’s Calendar. He is the author and co-author of numerous books, including Nature’s Babies, and his most recent book, Wildlife in your Garden.

We caught up with Mike for a chat ahead of his visit to Pensthorpe. This Part 2 of that interview. You can read Part 1 here

Who sparked your own love of nature and wildlife and at what age?

It was when I was eight or nine that I really got into it, and it was a book that started it all. My parents were teachers, but I discovered it myself really and then when I went to university I found out that a lot of other people shared my passion too! Someone who really inspired me was Nigel Brown who taught me on my Masters degree in ecology in Bangor. He has recently retired, but he ran the botanical gardens and is so inspiring and one of the best naturalists I have met. We have stayed in touch.

You have also written a children’s book, Wildlife in your Garden. How important is it to instil that love of nature and wildlife in children?

It is vital and as a family we spend our weekends outside. I think schools are getting better and at my son’s school he learns about climate change and there are forest schools now, and I go into my son’s school to give talks and do bug hunts. I think people should just get outside and into their local parks, in their gardens and go to nature reserves, and they don’t cost much. The outdoors is a natural antidepressant and is great for you physically and mentally.

How many pairs of binoculars do you own?

One very treasured pair and they are the most important thing I own, other than my house and car. I use them every day, whether filming or out in my garden or on a walk. They are a portal into the natural world.

Mike will be giving a talk each day at the Pensthorpe Bird & Wildlife Fair which, as with all the talks, is included in the admission price. Mike will also being doing an exclusive walk, which will be at an extra cost with all profit going to Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Details of that will be announced on our website shortly.