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Nature Photography Day

14 Jun 2019

Celebrating Nature Photography Day

In celebration of Nature Photography Day on Saturday 15th June 2019, we recently caught up with photography tutor Julia Rafferty, to ask her what is so special and rewarding about photographing nature and wildlife. 

“I have one of the best jobs in the country – I tutor adults in photography within the beautiful county of Norfolk and; I spend each Wednesday teaching at Pensthorpe Natural Park, in the heart of the county. Each course is six weeks long and we spend three of those weeks out and about exploring different aspects of the park, and three weeks editing and preparing the images for sharing and exhibiting.

Everybody agrees, that once you park your car and walk towards the park, the worries of everyday life fall away, and a calm descends. The bird song, the beautiful plants and trees, the gardens as they change; season by season, all create a link back to nature. And then, we take our cameras out and we spend time looking – really looking at nature. Recently, we have been learning how to take macro and close-up images of various subjects. Often this means that you are capturing your subject at life size and seeing tiny details that are lost to the naked eye.

Other subjects that we have explored, are wildlife and bird photography. There are so many birds to photograph at Pensthorpe that we are spoilt for choice. Again, wildlife photography can mean sitting waiting for long periods of time, waiting and watching…yet another opportunity for a mindful moment and a chance to observe nature; to immerse oneself and just ‘be’.

I also teach people who want to explore more arty types of photography, but still want the starting point for their work to be from the natural environment. My Personal Projects group has been using modern art as a reference and we have looked at blending images as layers using the in-camera Multiple Exposure feature and using Intentional Camera Movement to create semi-abstract shots that cause the viewer to look more closely in order to discover the origin of the photo.”

If you’re interested in taking part in one of Julia’s courses or workshops please contact her on