Our Projects

"Here at Pensthorpe we aim to restore the countryside back to ecological working order – our ongoing commitment to actively saving species forms a key element of this"

"The late Professor David Bellamy OBE - (1933-2019)"

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT) is committed to habitat and species conservation and works alongside partner organisations on long-term projects to conserve and reintroduce key species.

Project 1: Turtle Doves are synonymous with Christmas and love yet this summer breeder is almost extinct in the UK, with numbers dramatically falling. The PCT is working with the RSPB, Conservation Grade and Natural England on Operation Turtle Dove when you visit Pensthorpe make sure you listen to the evocative turr turr purring call of the turtle dove.

Project 2: It is a rare sight to see cranes flying in the UK yet that is a long-term goal of the Great Crane Project which aims to have a sustainable population of Eurasian Cranes on the Somerset Levels. You can see wild cranes frequently at Pensthorpe as they are attracted by our resident cranes who are part of the breeding programme.

Project 3: Once a common woodland species the Red Squirrel has been in long-term declince particularly since the introduction of the grey squirrel from North America in the 19th century. PCT and the East Anglian Red Squirrel Group are actively working at protecting this species with a captive breeding programme.

Project 4: The crexing call of a Corncrake male is an unforgettable though sadly seldom heard sound. These farmland birds have suffered a steep decline closely associated with changes in agricultural practises, in particular early mowing. Pensthorpe Conservation Trust is rearing captive bred corncrakes for a new release site in Norfolk and has helped to build the population of corncrakes at the Nene Washes reserve with the Zoological Society of London and RSPB.