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Pensthorpe Conservation Trust

The Pensthorpe Estate is also the home of the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT), a charitable trust formed in January 2003 to continue and develop the work of its predecessor, Pensthorpe Waterfowl Trust.

The Pensthorpe Conservation Trust’s main aims are to establish a centre of excellence, habitat management and restoration alongside conservation of wetland and farmland bird species through captive breeding programmes in national conservation partnerships.  The PCT works with partner organisations on projects including Operation Turtle Dove; the Great Crane Project, the Curlew Headstarting Project and Corncrake Re-introduction Project. The main projects the Trust works on is ‘Actively Saving Species’, which currently focuses on Corncrakes, Curlews and Turtle Doves. Additionally Pensthorpe is a site of habitat restoration work on the Wensum; a Constant Effort Site for ringing birds and has four SSSI’s.

Based at Pensthorpe Natural Park in the ecologically important Wensum Valley, in the heart of north Norfolk, the Trust works closely with Pensthorpe to showcase to visitors of the multi-award winning attraction the importance of species and habitat conservation. By visiting Pensthorpe you are supporting the PCT’s work and Actively Saving Species.

The Trust’s Registered Charity Number is 1100589.

Trust Structure

The Pensthorpe Conservation Trust operates exclusively on a not for profit basis, under the guidance of its Trustees.

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