warden talk & bird feed

Walks & Talks

Wildlife experiences to make your day

To get a taste of life as a park warden and to discover more about wildlife, our daily wildlife talks and feeds, which happen all year round, are a great addition to your day providing an immersive and more personalised experience.

Pensthorpe’s team of knowledgeable wardens and aviculturists host wildlife talks daily in school holidays, shedding light on the curious and quirky side of nature. Learn about moth trapping, gall wasps, how birds build their nests and why flamingos rest on one leg.

Please note:

Following a few cases of bird flu, the government has put an Avian Influenza Protection Zone in place to help us to protect our birds from bird flu. Although this strain is not harmful to humans, it is to birds, so to limit the chances of any mixing between wild migrating birds and our resident birds we won’t be offering our bird feed talks or offering any duck food in our shop at this time. We will keep you updated on any other changes.



Private group bookings

We can offer exclusive guided walks and talks for your group, tailored to the subject that most interests you, whether that be about habitat management, wildlife, farming, the history of Pensthorpe, or our Millennium Garden. There is an additional charge for our guided walks and talks but it is a lovely touch to your day. Pre-booking is essential. Call 01328 851465 to discuss your requirements with a member of the team.