Wave and Wave Line Garden

Designed by multiple Chelsea Gold Medallist Julie Toll

The serene and reflective Wave Garden is designed by Julie Toll (find out more), who has gained international recognition by winning 7 gold and 2 silver medals at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, and demonstrates planting in a wide variety of conditions. Its framework of gently rolling yew hedging and simple planting structure ensure that the Wave Garden enjoys lush foliage throughout the year. Situated beneath a canopy of native oak and birch trees, this shaded Norfolk woodland garden offers a romantic landscape, which has been further enhanced by atmospheric, locally produced sculptures.

The Wave Garden is a particularly beautiful spot and is enhanced by the Wave Line Garden, an extension to this already popular area. Providing the most sublime of views, this lakeside garden has been created to induce a sense of calm, with the garden having structure by semi-circular seating areas, which focus on the eye-catching sculpture ‘Nest’, which further encapsulates the overall qualities of the garden and is intended to encourage visitors to reflect while they nest in the serene surroundings.

Wave & Wave Line Garden Plant List

You can download a copy of the plant list here.