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Our NEW video is here!

22 Jul 2017

See Pensthorpe like you’ve NEVER seen it before!

We’ve been hard at work creating a new video to promote Pensthorpe to the world, which we recently launched on Facebook. We wanted to showcase what Pensthorpe has become over recent years – A ‘modern day’ nature reserve with a focus on encouraging the next generation of nature lovers. See a family interact with larger than life Flamingos, butterflies and damselflies, as well as cute red squirrels and Penthorpe’s resident barn owl, Tulu!

A lot has changed over the years here, with new developments and additions to the reserve such as WildRootz, our outdoor play area and Hootz House, our award winning indoor play area so there’s now more to Pensthorpe than ‘just ducks’ so we wanted to change the perceptions of what people think. 

The concept behind the video is to inspire children and adults to get closer to nature and to show Norfolk residents and holidaymakers just how much Pensthorpe has changed from perhaps when they last visited the park. We wanted to produce something that really shows how far Pensthorpe has come, with all of its latest developments, and to hopefully rekindle a desire for some locals and occasional visitors to Norfolk to make a return visit, having indicated that their last trip to Pensthorpe was as a child or when it was considered just a ‘nature reserve’”.

Watch the video now and help spread the word of what a great day out Pensthorpe Natural Park really is….