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Our Wonderful Volunteers

21 Dec 2021


As with a lot of nature reserves, volunteers are essential in the management of the park at Pensthorpe; from helping with habitat work to guiding visitors, checking and moving livestock to surveying wildlife.

Most reserve volunteers come in once a week and undertake a range of tasks alongside reserve staff. The reserve volunteers have achieved so much during 2021, working in all weathers and ground conditions (it can get very wet and muddy out there!).

Overall, the reserve volunteers have contributed a massive 800 hours since returning in April, after the winter lockdown. Of this 34 hours were spent on path works, 168 hours removing invasive species, 77 hours on cutting and clearing grasslands and 269 carrying out tree works (including coppicing and scrub clearance).


The team have welcomed a few new volunteers, including two Visitor Interaction Volunteers who come in once a week, engaging with visitors and pointing out wildlife from the hides and trails.

This year the team have been joined by placement volunteer, Phoebe, who is studying a degree in Wildlife Conservation at Nottingham Trent University. Phoebe volunteers for three days a week and undertakes a range tasks, gaining practical experience of working in conservation. Phoebe started in September and will be at Pensthorpe until March 2022, giving her the chance to see management works through three seasons.  

With larger-scale tasks, the team are assisted by corporate volunteer groups, of up to 15 volunteers, who venture from their day-to-day jobs in an office and head out into the depths of the nature reserve. This year team members from Aviva have volunteered over five days, helping to rake and clear vegetation in the Wildflower Meadow and picnic areas.

Last week the team had a get together for volunteers on the reserve which included a bonfire and baked potatoes to say thank you for everyone’s hard work.

The team are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who would like to regularly volunteer, so if you or anyone you know would like to find out more and help to make a huge difference then take a look at our Volunteer Page.