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Photographer profile – Emma Walton

30 Oct 2018


Photographer profile – Emma Walton on the ‘Get Started’ Photography Portfolio course at Pensthorpe with Julia Rafferty


Over the next year or so; as well as sharing our group photo blogs with you, I will be creating a blog about the photographers that are attending my courses at Pensthorpe. In this blog, I talk to Emma Walton. Emma is studying on the ‘Get Started’ course and has developed a real love form macro photography. On one of our photoshoots in The Millennium Garden, she found this basking lizard and experimented with shallow depth of field, so that only the detail of the scales are sharp.

When did you first realize that you loved photography?

Having gone away for a weekend break at Centre Parcs, I really fell in love with photography, when I started to play with a camera, taking images through the woods, and close ups of blades of grass. This sparked an interest in wanting to really understand my camera and discover more than just the ‘auto’ function.

Do you remember the first photo that you took that you quite liked?

Following a visit to Heacham Beach, when the sun was setting, splashing light reflections onto the water and the clouds forming shapes over the sea.

Why do you think you enjoy macro photography?

Macro photography opens up a new world. It allows you to see what your eye normally wouldn’t. It enables you to look at things in a whole new way.

Could you describe your favourite style of photography?

I’m not sure I can describe my favourite style of photography, as I think I am still exploring and learning. For the minute I’m hooked on macro and enjoying playing with new techniques and styles.

Have you seen a photo by another photographer that you find inspiring?

Having joined Flickr a long time ago, there are many photographers’ images which inspire me. One photographer, in particular, is Sheri Elizabeth. Her use of macro and colour and her style of photography is something which really engages me.

Does your day job allow you to be creative?

As head chef at The Folly Tea Room in Holt, I get to be creative with ingredients.

What is your perfect location for a photoshoot?

Born in Norfolk, I have always had love for beautiful beaches, woodlands and countryside which all make for favourite locations for photoshoots.

What item from your photography kit could you not live without?

Tripod (need for macro).

What kit would you like to own?

A better macro lens that would allow me to get that little bit closer.