Corten Infinity Garden
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Early May 2020 – Gardens

6 May 2020

Our Corten Infinity Garden looks spectacular!

The spring bulbs are fading to be replaced by some stunning trees and shrubs in the Corten Infinity Garden. There is the snowdrop tree, Halesia carolina, which is only a couple of metres tall at the moment but it’s covered in buttercup-shaped white flowers. At the other end of the garden is the foxglove tree, Paulownia tomentosa, which nearly always gets frosted but hopefully not this year! It has purple shaped foxglove flowers. It’s an amazing tree nearly always grown as a shrub because of its large foliage, which adds great structure into a mixed border. The rest of the Corten Infinity Garden looks really spectacular (pictured, taken by my daughter Zanzi), with the alliums and the white and red flowered glory pea clianthus. With the addition of the Jenny Pickford sculptures it looks really great.

In the Wildlife Habitat Garden the white rosa banksia is flowering over the steel arch and the first salvias are coming into flower. We had a hard frost a few weeks ago which set a lot of things back, and it was very dry until last week. Then we had quite a lot of rain, so everything is certainly growing this week, including the weeds and the grasses.

So I have my work cut out now, what with the cattle and the work to do on the reserve, which would normally be looked after by our Reserve Manager, Richard, who is sadly on furlough. My days are certainly full and I don’t get all the jobs done that I would like however, the gardens are looking fantastic! It’s a lovely time of year with all of the colour and textures really starting to zing and catch your eye, and it’s only sad that our visitors will not get to see them in all of their spring glory. Although it’s a small consolation I hope you are enjoying the updates via our social media channels and our website, so that you can at least enjoy what is happening in our gardens and on the reserve from the comfort of your own home.