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‘Further steps’ photography course

27 Feb 2018



For these two sessions, our theme was ‘multiple viewpoints’ – we were exploring our subject from all angles and then blending these images together using Layers in Photoshop to create one image. The resulting image has the look of a sketch and looks very painterly.

Some people experimented with their in-camera Multiple Exposure setting and took up to 9 photos, each layering on top of the previous images in-camera. Many cameras have at least two different ways that the images can be blended and on Canon cameras the two modes are ‘Average’ and ‘Additive’ and it is well worth experimenting with both to see what happens. In Live View, you can see the ghost of the previous image(s) and then line up the next image accordingly. Certainly techniques to experiment with and the group had so many excellent images to choose from that we have 5 this time. In Photoshop, try changing the Opacity of each Layer and experiment with the Blend Modes. Hope you like our photos!

Next time, this group are on a mission to explore the genre of portraiture – why don’t you ask someone you know to pose for you and see what you come up with. Environmental portraits place the sitter within a setting that provides some clues relating to their life and work.


Rhonda Pike


 This gull was flying into fight for a share of food being thrown to a crowd of other birds in the water. The camera was hand held and set on a slow shutter speed. The resulting blur is from the movement of both the bird and the camera. Camera blur is particularly evident in the patterns of the reeds.

Camera, Canon EOS 70D;  Lens Canon EF 70-300  at 85mm; 1/30sec; f10; ISO 100


James Brown


This week, we were exploring photographing one subject from different angles and viewpoints. The light on The Stag was highlighting the different strands of metal that make up the sculpture and the light on the trees behind were separating the Stag from the background. I took a total of 8 exposures moving my viewpoint for each shot but trying to keep the focus on the eye of the Stag. These shots were taken in-camera (Nikon) using a 35mm f/1.8 prime lens at f4.0 ISO 100.


Michael I’Anson

Bench by the lake

This image was constructed from 15 shots taken around a bench overlooking one of the lakes at the far end of the park. Each image was taken at 1 metre intervals radiating out around the bench and then blended into one to give an almost pastel or sketchy feel about it.


Michael I’Anson

Otter Hut

This image is created in the same way as ‘Bench by a lake’, but using 38 shots blending into one. With the sun being out and snow still lying on the ground, there were some super shadows to add depth to this image.


Rhonda Pike

Winter Berries

  This tree in the entrance drive at Pensthorpe has had berries all winter but with snow on the ground it shone like a red beacon.  This impressionist picture is made up of 35 separate photographs each taken from a slightly different perspective while circling the tree.  Using Photoshop all 35 were then stacked together in layers of different opacity.

Camera, Canon EOS 70D;  Lens Canon 18 – 85mm at 24mm; 1/100sec; f8; ISO 320.