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‘Further Steps’ photography course

18 Apr 2018



The theme for our photoshoot on 7th March was to capture an environmental portrait of one of the members of the Pensthorpe team. The challenge was to capture the character and personality of the sitter whilst also capturing something of the ‘spirit’ of Pensthorpe. We wanted to show the diversity of the roles of the people that work at Pensthorpe and to show that it is a vibrant, happy and fulfilling place to work. Portraits intrigue us and remind us of our shared humanity and they can encourage us to visit a location and to want to engage with a particular ‘brand’ or place.


The afternoon of the photoshoot, both the photographers and the sitters were very nervous! So, the first challenge was to help the sitter feel at ease – some of the photographers showed their sitter images of what they were aiming for. They made suggestions for how they wanted them to ‘pose’ and what they might do with their hands. For most of the sitters, once they were in their professional environment and maybe even using the tools of their trade, they were much more relaxed. The final photos are wonderful and both sitters and photographers were more than pleased with the results. We send many thanks to our models; who didn’t just sit for us, but also helped in judging their favourites for the bog this month. Keep an eye out for more portraits, as this is an area that we hope to expand in the future and hope to include as many people who work at Pensthorpe as possible.


Rhonda Pike

Portrait of Richard

Some of the staff at Pensthorpe bravely volunteered to let us take their portraits. Richard, the Reserve Manager gave me a wonderful tour of the reserve while explaining his job and stopping to pose for photographs. It was a privilege to see behind the scenes and I particularly enjoyed meeting the cattle. Thank you Richard.

Camera, Canon EOS 70D;  Lens EF17 – 85mm;  1/200sec; f7; ISO 250.


Robin Myerscough


“Thomas and I had a good walk round the park. He is a great conversationalist with a terrific sense of humour. We chatted about his job and his family and the sort of thing he enjoys about his job. I got the feeling he really enjoyed his job and found coming to work each day a real pleasure. He talked quite a lot about the real sense of community at Pensthorpe and he definitely isn’t a moaner. Even so it was quite a challenge to get him to totally relax when I began pressing the shutter. The furrows would appear on his forehead as he became conscious of the camera working. Sitting down was better and in the summer house, where my picture is taken from, he was very much at ease”.

Camera Canon EOS 5 DS-R, f/5.6, 1/200th second, ISO 800, Focal Length 59mm



Susi Hancock

Matt & Dani



Michael I’Anson