Piet Oudolf's Millennium Garden at Pensthorpe

Millennium Garden

Designed by world renowned garden designer, Piet Oudolf

“Pensthorpe remains one of the best places to see Oudolf’s work on a large scale…” The Telegraph, 4th July 2020.



One of the most inspirational gardens in Norfolk, the Millennium Garden offers an acre of floral delights, creating a lush tapestry of colour and texture. A stunning cascade of mixed perennials and grasses, designed by the world-renowned Dutch garden designer, nursery man and writer, Piet Oudolf, the bold, colourful drifts and the naturalistic planting style make the Millennium Garden a particularly popular display with both garden and wildlife enthusiasts. Flourishing with colourful butterflies and insects during the spring and summer months, and providing essential nesting materials and seeds for birds throughout the winter, this fine Norfolk garden is worth a visit even after its mid-August peak, with the autumnal colours of the perennial foliage providing a rich spectacle well into the Autumn.

Officially opened on 2000 it was the first garden in the UK, designed by an emerging Oudolf, which was open to the public and, for a number of years, the largest established garden he had designed. It is therefore an important example of his work and wholly unique to Norfolk.

Ten years later, by which point he was recognised as one of the world’s most foremost plantsman, Oudolf returned to oversee the redesign and replanting of his original garden with a decade’s more experience under his belt. The Millennium Garden notoriously shows off his famous perennial drifts of sub-alpine, steppe and prairie plants – containing over 100 different plants made up of 90 different species of perennials, 22 different types of grass, and six different types of shrubs.

Since Piet’s return, the garden has been developed once more with the addition of a stunning island and ‘Monet-style’ bridge, creating a looped walkway for visitors.

The garden has been a huge undertaking for both Pensthorpe and Piet, so garden lovers are advised to take a trip to view what promises to enrapture visitors from July to December.

Oudolf himself once said ‘The idea is that visitors to Pensthorpe discover the garden as a pleasant surprise’. It is this understated charm which has made the garden one of East Anglia’s greatest ‘secret gardens’ for the past two decades.

Millennium Garden Plant List

You can download a copy of the plant list here.