What’s On

For over 30 years Pensthorpe Natural Park has been a source of inspiration and enjoyment for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. So to commemorate over three decades of conservation and good, old-fashioned fun outdoors, we have launched a new programme of events for 2019 which lift the lid on the natural world!

From expert-guided walks to tutored pond life identification sessions and even opportunities to hear the majestic dawn chorus as the sun rises over the reserve, our events are open to all and aim to enhance visitors’ knowledge of the nature and wildlife that call Pensthorpe home.

“Having a connection with the outside is one of the greatest pleasures we can have. There is a growing desire to spend more time disconnected from technology and immersed in nature so these events offer the perfect opportunity to re-engage with the natural world, develop knowledge, and see parts of the reserve that aren’t usually open to the public at those times of day. They champion some of the wonders of the natural world and we welcome everyone from avid wildlife enthusiasts to nature novices!” Deb Jordan.


Alongside our special events this year, we have a programme of school holiday events that are designed to engage and inspire young families and children, so that they may become lifelong wildlife lovers, conservationists, nature detectives, or even the next Chris Packham or Jess French!