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‘Water Warrior’ winners enjoy “fantastic” Pensthorpe visit

18 Sep 2019

Wild about the Wensum competition winners visit Pensthorpe

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust’s 2019 Wild About the Wensum event had water as its theme and a fun and educational competition was run with local schools in the lead up to create a display on how water is important to humans and wildlife, and how it can best be preserved as a sustainable resource.

The winning display ‘Everything we need water for’ was created by four children at Catton Grove Primary Academy and included a poem about the dangers of water pollution to wildlife, a short story and an interactive quiz, as well as information on how water is a vital resource.

As part of their prize, the winning children, Minnie, Corey, Gabriella and Fagin, aged between nine and 11, recently visited Pensthorpe and enjoyed an educational visit with our Wildlife Education Officer, Allan. This included some hands-on ‘discover’ activities to teach them about nature and wildlife, as well as lots of outdoor exploring.

We caught up with them after their visit to find out what they thought of Pensthorpe…


 “I loved the trip! It was beautiful. The woods, the rivers and everything. I loved seeing the wild ducks, geese and even a family of swans.  I also love how you get animals to breed and save them from extinction – that’s so kind. Feeding the ducks, geese and swans was my favourite, but I also loved learning about galls.  I loved it there.” 


 “My favourite part was having the rarest of dragonfly’s land on my arm for what seemed like forever.  Allan, who showing us around, was so excited but so was I.  My second favourite part was seeing the cranes.”


 ” I loved feeding the wild birds, the geese and ducks because you don’t often get to do that.  Walking around in nature was very relaxing.”


 “I thought the day was fantastic.  I enjoyed how interactive parts of the park were, like feeding the ducks.  Being able to get up close to some of the animals sets the park apart from others.  The open-planned flamingo enclosure and the cranes enclosure was very intimate, allowing you to just sit and enjoy nature.  Walking through the park was an adventure in itself. My favourite part was seeing the red squirrels, as I had not seen any for almost 25 years. It was breath-taking for me. I will be recommending this park to everyone. Thank you for a brilliant day.”

Darren Heley, Year 4 Teaching Assistant at Catton Grove Primary Academy


We are so pleased to hear you had a wonderful time at Pensthorpe and well done again for your fantastic competition entry.

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