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World Mental Health Day 2020

9 Oct 2020

The power of nature is non-comparable 

These unprecedented times have sadly affected us all in many different ways; however it would be wrong to list all the negatives and dwell on the impact the crisis has caused upon us all, so let’s instead focus on the positive things it has motivated many of us to do. To celebrate World Mental Health Day we have put together a few words and suggestions on how we can all help our mental health.

Whilst lockdown allowed many of us to strip back our hectic daily routines, it also triggered and brought on a lot of stress and anxiety. As the world aims to get back to normality, we stop and question whether overfilling and stretching out our days to become so jam packed is really positive for our mental health? With that in mind, we must not neglect one of the purest remedies for our mental health; nature and wildlife. Spending time outdoors is believed by many researchers and medical professionals to be an extraordinary remedy for those suffering from mental health problems, and is said to improve our moods, reduce feelings of stress, improve your self-esteem and confidence whilst also helping our physical health. The power of nature, the calmness and safety it brings us is non-comparable.

Since we reopened in late June, Pensthorpe Natural Park has gladly welcomed back new and returning visitors; many of which have commented on how they have missed exploring and walking around a safe and calming environment. With over 700 acres to offer, Pensthorpe Natural Park is lucky enough to have a large space to allow all of our visitors to feel safe, as well as one way systems and hand sanitizer stations in place, the park has been well equipped to help all visitors feel at ease when visiting in the current situation.

Whether you are birdwatching from our Wader Scrape, enjoying the views over our lakes, or taking a gentle stroll around our paths, Pensthorpe offers visitors the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature in their own preference. For those who have a passion for gardens and their well-known therapeutic benefits, the Piet Oudolf Millennium garden is still looking glorious. A five-minute sit immersed in its golden autumn foliage is another sure way of improving a calm and well-balanced equilibrium.


Photography by Steve Adams


“A friend recommended Pensthorpe to me and now, not only do I feel safe, but I feel safe in the most beautiful surroundings. It’s made me very happy at this very difficult time as I was shielding. Once I am able to come completely out of the shielded situation I will be walking and meeting with my friends forever more!”


Hearing accounts such as the one above from a new Pensthorpe visitor is very humbling and a pleasure to know our park can offer a safe space for all visitors. We would like to take this opportunity to say we hope you are all able to get out and enjoy the splendid delight of nature, especially during these difficult times, and we look forward to hearing about your visits to Pensthorpe via our social media accounts and visitor feedback surveys.