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World Wetlands Day

1 Feb 2019

Globally our wetlands are under threat. Rivers are polluted with chemicals, seas full of plastic, flood plains retained and blocked, and wetlands are been drained. Not just the bigger areas but even the smallest pond is under threat. Yet wetlands are essential for both humans and wildlife alike.

Wetlands provide both water and food to us all and help to control flooding and tidal surges yet we still fail to truly appreciate them.

Here at Pensthorpe much of the nature reserve is fundamentally linked to both the river and flood plain of the River Wensum. As part of that relationship we work hard to protect and manage the variety of habitats and species which live here, by grazing and cutting our wetland marshes and grasslands and by managing water levels within our wader scrape areas.

The river is the life blood of the reserve acting as a corridor for wildlife and linking a whole range of different habitats from wet woodland to wildflower meadows.

With good management comes great wildlife. Otters and kingfishers frequent the river, dragonflies and damselflies hunt the marshes and rare flowers bloom in the meadows. But this could be very different if we didn’t value our bit of River.

Within the Wensum Valley the river, like all wetland areas, still faces threats and it is important that each and every one of us helps to protect this valuable resource for future generations.

You can find out more about World Wetlands Day here.